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What to do in Isla Holbox

What to do in Isla Holbox if you’ve just got one day

Isla Holbox is just… WOW. Full of colourful street art, birds, tacos (obvs), and the most insanely green, serene, calm sea. It’s small enough to do in a day (although I’d recommend spending longer if you can) – so here are some tips for what to do in Isla Holbox.… Read more...

How to stay fit travelling

How to stay fit travelling & keep the ‘travelling podge’ away

I’m a bit of an exercise addict. So when I decided to go travelling, I was terrified of getting fat. With all the exotic food, recommendation to avoid salads, and no Barry’s Bootcamp (this was the worst) – I contemplated not going.… Read more...

Best coffee shops in Mexico City

The ultimate guide to coffee shops in Mexico City

Mexico City is a hipster heaven. It’s full of quirky, artisanal coffee shops so if you’re a digital nomad looking for a coffee shop in which to work – you are spoilt here.

This list of coffee shops covers the Condesa & Roma Norte area, as it’s one of the safest, and most wealthy areas within the city.… Read more...

Why Colombia is the best country in the world

The Ultimate Guide to Colombia

I arrived in Colombia in January 2017, and ended up staying until I was forced to leave. (Not because I was banged up for doing anything dodgy – I just max’d out my tourist visa.)

I had no plans to stay this long, but it’s such an incredible country that I never wanted to leave.… Read more...

How to pack for travelling

Everything I wish I knew when packing to go travelling

How to pack for travelling

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. Many of which I could have avoided, had I known or prepared better.

I’ve paid way more than necessary, I packed a lot of unnecessary things, and there are other things I wished I did pack.… Read more...

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