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12 things they don’t tell you about being a digital nomad

Thinking of quitting your job, travelling full time and becoming a digital nomad?

I’ve been there. 9 months ago, I met two crazy nomads and I decided I wanted their lifestyle. Always being on an adventure, escaping rainy England, and learning salsa, spanish & surfing… yes please.Read more...

Upwork tips

How to make money travelling – tips learnt so far

Feeling overwhelmed by the mammoth competition on Upwork? New to the world of online freelance work, but you don’t know how to get your foot – or even just pinky toe – in the door?

I’ve been there, too. …

Become a digital nomad

My quest to become a digital nomad – I’ve been shown the plate, now I want to eat it

Want to become a digital nomad? Read lots of ‘inspirational’ blog posts, encouraging you to ‘just quit your job’ and start working online? Feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

I’ve certainly been there. With a degree in English Literature and experience working in account management, I’ve learnt soft skills but there’s no one thing.… Read more...