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12 things they don’t tell you about being a digital nomad

Thinking of quitting your job, travelling full time and becoming a digital nomad?

I’ve been there. 9 months ago, I met two crazy nomads and I decided I wanted their lifestyle. Always being on an adventure, escaping rainy England, and learning salsa, spanish & surfing… yes please.Read more...

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9 Hipster coffee shops in Bristol for digital nomads

Bristol is FULL of hipster coffee shops – with amazing homemade salads and sweet treats, good wifi and great coffee.

So, here’s my fave 9 coffee shops in Bristol…

The Arts House

Arty. 🎨 House-like. 🏠

Colourful & comfy.…

street art london brixton david bowie

Street art in London that will blow your mind

There’s some really awesome street art in London – dotted all over the city.

So here’s my fave spots that you can visit for free, so you don’t have to splash unnecessary cash booking tours, and can enjoy in your own leisurely time.… Read more...

Digital nomad cafes in london pirates

13 independent coffee shops for digital nomads in London

If you’re looking for a coffee shop in London, here’s 13 spots – with solid wifi, yummy food, and chilled vibes that make it easy to work.

digital nomad coffee shops london list 13

The list below is grouped by location – but my top 3 are…

  1.  Ship of Adventures (Dalston): for comfort, friendly vibes, and it’s pirate ship interiors.
hipster bars in mexico city

7 hipster bars in Mexico City

If you’re in Mexico City – and are looking for somewhere to try the famous mezcal or pulque – look no further.

I’ve written this post because it gave me a legit excuse to try all the hipster, underground bars.


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