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Rooftop bars in Cartagena Monterrey

5 best rooftop bars in Cartagena

Dreaming of sipping a piña colada, gazing out to the Caribbean ocean, while sitting on the colonial walls of Cartagena?

When I first arrived, all I wanted to do was soak in some rays and relax on a rooftop bar.Read more...

Tips on Cartagena

Are the myths about Cartagena true?

Everyone seems to be going nuts for Cartagena at the moment. I had heard a lot about it before I’d even arrived. But a lot of this proved to be wrong. So after living in this beautiful city for 3 months, here’s my experience & a few tips on Cartagena.… Read more...

Ultimate guide for where to eat Tulum beach

Heading to Tulum, and have no idea which – of the many – restaurants to pick? And if you’ve only got a few days here, it’s not worth spending any time or money in just an average place.… Read more...

Best rooftop bar in the world - helipad bar, Kuala Lumpur

The best rooftop bar in the world

Imagine sipping a smooth glass of Malbec, relaxing in the warm evening heat, watching the cosmopolitan buzz of the city beneath you, and listening to a raw acoustic Tracy Chapmen cover. This really is the best rooftop bar in the world.… Read more...

Best vegan food in Mexico City

The vegetarian & vegan scene in Mexico City is absolutely HUGE.

It’s so big, that it even turned me veggie. I haven’t gone fully vegan, mainly because I love eggs too much (sorry) – but there are so many incredible, delicious vegan restaurants in DF, that I’m confident that even the most stubborn of meat-eaters would be happy going to any of the following 5 places.… Read more...

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