hipster bars in mexico city

7 hipster bars in Mexico City

If you’re in Mexico City – and are looking for somewhere to try the famous mezcal or pulque – look no further.

I’ve written this post because it gave me a legit excuse to try all the hipster, underground bars.


What to do in Mexico City

Imagine a city, as chic as Paris, as green as Amsterdam, as cheap as Medellin, and as hipster as New York – and what do you get? Mexico City.

what to do in mexico city park

So if you’re lucky enough to visit, here’s my top suggestions for what to do in Mexico City.… Read more...

Rooftop bars in Cartagena Monterrey

5 best rooftop bars in Cartagena

Dreaming of sipping a piña colada, gazing out to the Caribbean ocean, while sitting on the colonial walls of Cartagena?

When I first arrived, all I wanted to do was soak in some rays and relax on a rooftop bar.Read more...

Tips on Cartagena

Are the myths about Cartagena true?

Everyone seems to be going nuts for Cartagena at the moment. I had heard a lot about it before I’d even arrived. But a lot of this proved to be wrong. So after living in this beautiful city for 3 months, here’s my experience & a few tips on Cartagena.… Read more...

Ultimate guide for where to eat Tulum beach

Heading to Tulum, and have no idea which – of the many – restaurants to pick? And if you’ve only got a few days here, it’s not worth spending any time or money in just an average place.… Read more...

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