Best vegan food in Mexico City - Mora Mora

Best vegan food in Mexico City

The vegan scene in Mexico City is absolutely HUGE.

It’s so big, that it turned me veggie. In Mexico City, there are heaps of delicious vegan restaurants that I’m confident that even the most stubborn of meat-eaters would be happy going to any of the following 5 places.… Read more...

What to do in Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox for the day

Isla Holbox is just beautiful. Full of colourful street art, birds, tacos (obviously), and the most insanely green, calm sea.

What to do in Isla Holbox - beach

How to get to Isla Holbox – from Playa Del Carmen

1. On the road

If you want to take public transport, it’s easy to take a bus from Playa.… Read more...

How to stay fit travelling

How to stay fit while travelling & keep the ‘travelling podge’ away

I’m a bit of an exercise addict. So when I decided to go travelling, I was terrified of getting fat. With all the exotic food, recommendation to avoid salads, and no Barry’s Bootcamp (this was the worst) – I contemplated not going.… Read more...

Best coffee shops in Mexico City

The ultimate guide to coffee shops in Mexico City

Mexico City is a hipster heaven. It’s full of quirky, artisanal coffee shops so if you’re a digital nomad looking for a coffee shop in which to work – you are spoilt here.

This list of coffee shops covers the Condesa & Roma Norte area, as it’s one of the safest, and most wealthy areas within the city.… Read more...

Why Colombia is the best country in the world

The Ultimate Guide to Colombia

14 reasons to go – including the best places to visit, where to eat, fun things to do, general costs, health and safety, weather, and other bits & bobs.

I arrived in Colombia in January 2017, and ended up staying until I was forced to leave.Read more...

How to pack for travelling

Everything I wish I knew when packing to go travelling

How to pack for travelling

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. Many of which I could have avoided, had I known or prepared better.

I’ve paid way more than necessary, I packed a lot of unnecessary things, and there are other things I wished I did pack.… Read more...

How to learn spanish

7 tips for how to learn Spanish

Six months ago, I was a total beginner. Now I have Colombian mates, can understand the slang, like to chat to taxi drivers, and have even gone on a few dates with Colombians (some good, some terrible – although that wasn’t affected by my ability to speak Spanish).Read more...

How to do Tayrona Park differently - National Park in Colombia

How to do Tayrona Park differently

So you want to go to Tayrona Park, but you don’t want to sleep in a hammock – and you have all your stuff with you…

What should you do?

How to do Tayrona Park differently

Cabo San Juan is generally the most popular place to stay in Tayrona Park.… Read more...

Salento Colombia - tallest palm trees in the world

Salento – home to the world’s tallest palm trees, the best coffee & beaut views

If you like coffee and palm trees, Salento should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Colombia. Even if you don’t like coffee or palm trees, I still think it’s worth visiting – as it’s just so damn beautiful.… Read more...

How to find work on Upwork

How to make money traveling – tips learnt so far

I’ve learnt a lot of Upwork tips as I continue to find work online while I travel.

I’ve been hired & also fired in one day, have said no and have dodged some scams. Here’s what I’ve learnt and how to avoid the dodgy stuff.… Read more...

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